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August 26, 2010 || 8:44 AM

Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been a busy bee this week. I also had a job interview with Anthropologie this week (it's opening in late September) EDIT: I got the job! :) and school has also been royally kicking my ass.

I've started using new shampoo and conditioner that my hairstylist recommended, and I'm loving it. It's called Biolage fortetherapie, and it's from Matrix.

I'm gonna tell you guys a secret - I have horribly, horribly damaged hair. I treat it like an ugly stepchild, and it doesn't deserve that. I get chunky platinum highlights every six weeks or so, and on top of that I heat style it almost daily.
I started using these two products about a month ago and they have helped my hair tremendously. I'm not usually one to be impressed by hair products because they usually just don't work well for me. But with this, it's much stronger, softer and all-around better looking.
I definitely recommend trying this if you're in a hair rut. I believe they're about $14 a piece.

Also, one last thing, funniest blog I've found in awhile: Hungover Owls


-- EDIT::

I also need some opinions on a headboard project that I'm about to take on!!!
I've been searching and searching for a new, relatively inexpensive headboard to no avail. I found this tutorial at Design*Sponge and I instantly knew that this would be taking up a weekend in the near future.
I like the shape, although it may be a little too tall for me. But what I'm really struggling with (of course) is the fabric.
I currently live in a rent house and have no idea what color my next bedroom will be, so it has to be a pretty versatile style and color. Oh, you know... basically everything - all in one!

Here are a few I'm considering, but if you have any in mind that you like, please let me know! I'm dying over here!

I really like this zig zag, and they also have in in black/cream, red/cream and then an off-white/cream

I really love ikat fabrics, and I consider this green to be a pretty versatile color. But.. I don't know?

As you can tell, I really like blues and greens, espescially for the bedroom. But I'm open to red, brown, grey and black, ect...

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks girls!