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Back to the grind...
August 15, 2010 || 2:40 PM

Hello, everyone!
I've just returned from St. Lucia, totally relaxed and ready for the new semester today.

I'll save you the boring details and get to the important part: the pictures!

We stopped in Dennery to take this picture. Excuse the obvious travel lag. :)

If only Americans had afternoon tea...

The resort compound was so beautiful!

Amazing sunsets everynight.

Aptly-named lazy river.

We weren't on a private beach, so we got to watch locals like this walk by all day. So great.

The market in Castries. We got a condensed cocoa stick to make hot chocolate and almost 8 oz. of saffron for $2!

And last but not least a random picture of the wonderful man that took me on this beautiful vacation!! Gotta love him.

Have you been to a Caribbean island? If so, what's your favorite?

Hope everyone has a fabulous week!