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Hello? Fall? Can I move our next appointment to... say.. now?
July 27, 2010 || 8:11 AM

For the past month or so, the temperature here has been around 100 degrees. Now, not the Vegas 100 degrees with 10% humidity. That's do-able.
I'm talking 100 degrees before noon with humidity around 65%. Whew!
Having been raised in Seattle, I'd say that I have a very delicate comfort range when it comes to temperature. Like, 50-80 degrees, please? Is that too much to ask? ... Apparently so.
Needless to say, if anyone's ready for fall - it's this girl.
With the release of J. Crew's fall lookbook, I was inspired to start searching for my perfect fall wardrobe. Below are my picks:

Cotton cady Aveline dress in Black ($225.00)

Stretch vintage bootcut cord in Cobblestone ($79.50)
Does this color not just squeal fall!?

Stretch double serge pencil skirt in Slate ($98.00)

Marled knit Thandie blazer in Heather Graphite ($158.00)

Peekaboo sequin cardigan in Ochre ($118.00)

Dream v-neck cardigan in Heather Dove ($78.00)

Sutton fold-over leather platform boots ($350.00)

.. if it isn't readily apparent, I have two confessions: I live in J. Crew. It is my absolute favorite store and about 80% of everything in my wardrobe was purchased at J. Crew.
I also love monochrome colors. I prefer to play it safe wardrobe-wise, and add punches of color by accessorizing.

What are your fall must-haves?

And last, but not least - let me introduce you to the love of my life:
My husky Luna!

What chocolate puddin, ma?

Hope everyone is having a great week!